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We are a small friendly club of around twenty members who play chess in the Concert Room of the Great Ayton Working Men's Club. Our club night is Wednesday and operates during the chess season of September through to May. We start from 7pm and end along with last orders in the bar at 11pm. We run 4 teams that play in the Cleveland Chess League. Our goal is for our 'A' team to survive in the 'A' division, the B team to remain in the B division and the C and D teams to have fun in the C division. Consequently with our mixture of playing strengths we welcome new players of any standard to come along and join us.

Latest News

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21st Sep - The Key Holder

The work of the Head of Equipment Director never stops and his latest task was to get a key cut to enable direct access to the chess cupboard. This means that he will be able to continue to set up the chess equipment on a match day morning without having to resort to waking up the club steward. In the unlikely event that our Head of Equipment Director is unavailable or is not around on a practice only chess evening the original key can be obtained from behind the main bar with a request to the bar staff or the sports secretary. Please remember to lock the cupboard and return the key after use, especially as we do not want our brand new digital clocks to go walkabout.

21st Sep - Preparations Underway

Another 9 players turned up last night as preparations continue to get underway for the eagerly awaited start to our eighth campaign. The gang comprised of me, Kegan (naturally), Richard Hall, Jim Rogers, Conor Wilson, Gordon Dickinson, Gordon Middlemiss, Stephen Gatenby and Mike Hardy. Under the threat of physical violence being enacted upon me I have been forced to report that I actually lost my game against Conor despite being a piece ahead and for being too complacent. The D team stars are improving rapidly as demonstrated also by Steve brushing aside Mike. Conor's luck continued when 6 pawns down against Gordon Dickinson he still managed to win! Meanwhile, Richard outlined a fascinating line of the French that amazed our other resident French Defence expert, Jim Rogers. In my encounter against Richard (it was nice to see him back actually wearing a pair of trousers as opposed to his pink shorts) was fairly even until the customary time scramble between us in which as usual I lost. Before we called it a day as he waited for his lift home, we studied his current world chess correspondence game against the German. Readers will be aware that I had to play the role of the leading German correspondence champion when I visited Richard at his home shortly after his leg break incident. Amazingly the game has moved on from the original position we studied by exactly following the line I predicted to an exciting new position. Thus proving that it is a very highly rated tournament with exceptionally talented players.

20th Sep - A Study In Bronze

This is not about the erection of some statue dedicated to our Head of Recruitment Director (although it is something that we should consider at a later date) but a directive issued by our club treasurer requesting that those 5 players yet to sign up with the ECF for the new season by paying their annual bronze membership fee, could they kindly do so please. With time running down to the commencement of season #8 it is imperative that all our squad are properly registered. Once this has been done we can rigorously scrutinize the opposition to see if any of there players breach the rules and use the fact to get results overturned in our favour. It's dog eat dog in the chess world.

17th Sep - Tennants Super Mark 2

Yesterday witnessed the second Tennants Rapidplay tournament held in the magnificent setting of the Yorkshire dales at the Tennants Auction House on the edge of the market town of Leyburn. Unlike the inaugural competition that hosted the event in the marble lined foyer with piped cello music, this time we were in an immaculate seminar room that permitted excellent views of Wensleydale when out on the balcony terrace. Quite simply it is the best venue to play a chess competition. It is a classy venue complimented by the quality of totty that work there. Not only are the receptionists beautiful, the waitresses in the café and the restaurant/bar are also worth the entry fee of £10 alone for a delightful way of spending an afternoon at the chess board. Half of the field set off from the Workingmen's club car park at 9 o'clock in the morning. This comprised of me, Stephen Gatenby, Conor Wilson in Andrew French's fast car. The other vehicle contained Kegan with US import Jim Rogers driven by Gordon Middlemiss. In order to make matters simple we made Lewis Hamilton, I mean club president Andrew French, follow Gordon to ensure we arrived on time.
The other half of the field comprised of favourite and Great Ayton board 1, Mike Hardman, along with a contingent from Thornaby featuring Ernie Lazenby, Mike Creaney, CCA Chairman Brian Whitaker and Dave Richardson. Also in attendance was Ian Johnson from Richmond and his son Michael Johnson who plays for Harrogate.
In round 1 I was paired against my driver Andrew French. It turned out to be a much tougher encounter than I expected before eventually overpowering him in a rook and pawn ending. In the second round it was billed as the match of the day as I was black against our top player Mike Hardman. Needless to say I had absolutely no trouble in thrashing him in a very straightforward victory. After my two wins we all went for lunch in the café and I ended up having an interesting conversation with Ernie Lazenby before going on to play him as my next opponent in round 3. It was a tense affair that eventually saw Ernie with a rook and knight plus 3 pawns against my rook, knight and 6 pawns. It was clearly won ending for me but instead of Ernie resigning he cunningly set a series of traps that I managed to avoid but at the expense of losing on time. In round 4 I was paired against Dave Richardson. Readers may recall that in the Thornaby Rapidplay held earlier this year I had two queens on the board against a hapless Dave but ended up losing on time. On this occasion I was determined that history would not repeat itself. I was going along very nicely when I inadvertently allowed a rook sacrifice that ensued in a very complicated scenario. I had to give back a piece for several pawns but my king remained trapped in the corner. I released some of the pressure but was probably losing the endgame when Dave offered a draw that I accepted as he was about to lose on time. In round 5 I was paired against the only competitor I had no knowledge about, Michael Johnson. I had thrashed his father in the previous rapidplay event but this turned to be a much tougher battle. I was ahead in the position and the clock was running down when he mounted a really strong attack and it was looking like I was staring at a defeat when he blundered his queen in a time scramble and promptly resigned. In the final round I was paired with our host and A team captain, Kegan Harrison, who could win the event outright if he could beat me. Naturally I tested the morality of out captain by offering to throw the game for a small percentage share of the prizemoney. Thankfully he declined the offer thus proving his worth to lead our A team in the forthcoming campaign. It was for this reason that I decided to give Kegan a chance and played a wild Kings Gambit opening that eventually settled to an even based endgame. When the only other two competitors that could win the event agreed a draw on the adjacent board I offered Kegan a draw and he snapped my hand off. It was at this stage of the proceedings that I pointed out that my last move was in fact a blunder that would of netted him a pawn had he spotted the combination which he clearly did not as he was more interested in what had unfolded next to him. In the end the final outcome produced joint winners in Mike Hardman and Kegan Harrison on 4½ points ahead of me, Dave Richardson and Ernie Lazenby on 4 points. For the record Gordon Middlemiss, Jim Rogers, Brian Whitaker and Ian Johnson all got their entry fee back sharing the prize for the under 130 section finishing with 3 points. The remaining scores were Michael Johnson and Andrew French on 2½ ahead of Conor Wilson and Stephen Gatenby on 1½ points. Thus, the wooden spoon went to Mike Creaney who clearly forgot to bring his chess brain to the event as he only managed a solitary win in the final round.
After the event Mike Hardman spent his winnings on buying the Ayton crew a beer. Obviously his role as top board must now come under review as his only defeat on the day was the comprehensive crushing his received at the hands of the Head of Equipment Director. The gang decided not to stay and watch the legendary Grimethorpe Colliery Brass band who were setting up their instruments for a concert that evening as we left the building. It may have been different had the Motown trio the Three Degrees been on stage but apparently that is on next month (tickets sold out). Incredibly we foolishly allowed Andrew to switch his Sat-Nav on for the return journey and for a brief moment he managed to take a wrong turn towards Catterick. Fortunately we made him switch it off and go the correct way home. Thinking that he should have been at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore this weekend Andrew managed to put his foot down and reach speeds of a hundred miles an hour overtaking several cars in the way. In order to steady the nerves and calm down we went back to the Workingmen's club where I managed to sink several pints of Guinness before returning home to watch Match of the Day without having any knowledge of any of the results, which I find is the best way to view the programme. It was a very enjoyable day that deserves to be better supported by our chess community and well done to Kegan for hosting this event.

14th Sep - Warm Up

Last night a gang of six turned up at the club for a series of 25 minute friendly games. Five of the group are all entered in the Tennants super rapidplay event this Saturday. The only player who is not scheduled to appear, preferring to watch Boro play QPR instead, was Gordon Dickinson. Naturally some players were keen to keep their prepared surprise opening salvos under wraps in the series of warm up encounters. Others, such as the Head of Equipment Director, inflicted a brutal checkmate on A team captain, Kegan Harrison, despite not being aware of what opening was being played. Competitors are reminded that there will be two cars leaving from the club car park at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning transporting seven players to the Leyburn venue. Apparently, the tournament favourite for the event, Mike Hardman, will be making his own way there unless he wants a lift. Thus, to date, Great Ayton will be making up over 50% of the number entrants. For some inexplicable reason the event was not advertised on the rival CCA website despite a request by Kegan asking via email that was never replied to. This, coupled with the clash of hosting on the same day as a Boro fixture, explains why only 14 players have paid to enter so far.

13th Sep - Sexy Uniform

Following a survey regarding the most popular subjects covered by this excellent website it was apparent that most readers are more interested in our Head of Equipment Director's wife Samantha rather than topics related to chess. After a career in the world of nursing for over 34 years, the last twenty spent with me, she has gone through a variety of nursing uniforms. She started out as a 'Pink' at Barts in London, moving on to becoming a sister and ward sister in several London based hospitals, becoming a matron at West Middlesex in Isleworth when we first met. I persuaded her to quit the capital and she joined James Cook Hospital as a nurse manager that peaked being a divisional manager of the cardiothoracic department in charge of over 500 staff. After enduring several re-organizations she ended up in a fetching blue outfit in the surgical division and she took redundancy fed up with having to continually cut costs at the expense of patient care. Naturally, throughout this period I have enjoyed the benefits associated with her wearing different nursing uniforms. However, I felt it was time for a change and so I made her get a new job. I am pleased to announce that she has joined North Yorkshire Police as some sort of auditing governance inspector. She informs me that her role will be to ensure that all the young police constables can keep their truncheons hard and she will provide a helping hand in polishing their helmets. Obviously I am excited at the thought of her using the handcuffs. It should be fun times ahead for our lucky Head of Equipment Director.

12th Sep - Treasurer Magic

Behind the scenes the work of the club treasurer usually goes unnoticed by the elite squad players. Yesterday, for example, our treasurer sent off a cheque to the equivalent officer of the Cleveland Chess Association to cover the annual costs of entering our squad into the league. This comprised of the prize winning Jeremy Burnett Plate £25 cheque we are unable to cash as we do not have a bank account, utilization of the £4.32 we were already in credit to the CCA courtesy of the defunct Upper Eskdale fund transfer and the remaining balance of £33.68 to make up the required total of £63 for the whole squad of 21 players.
Later that evening in his capacity as club treasurer of the GAWMC he attended a committee meeting and successfully argued that the chess club be awarded the similar status attributed to the darts and pool teams viz-a-viz the payment of fees to their respective leagues for the forthcoming seasons. In a move that will see the treasurer be an early favourite to win the coveted Player of the Season award for season #8 and pose a serious challenge to the Head of Equipment Director winning the title for an unprecedented eight times in a row, I am pleased to officially announce that all four of our chess teams are to be given £15 each as payment towards the annual CCA registration fees. Thus, this kind gesture means that we have virtually zero costs, except each player is individually responsible for paying their own ECF bronze membership, especially when combined with using the Concert Room for free. A great piece of treasurer magic that is yet another example as to why we are the best club to play for in Cleveland. We managed to catch up with our publicity officer who wholeheartedly agreed that our club treasurer was and I quote 'he is too modest to blow his own trumpet so I will do it for him as he is not only a remarkable player but a terrific negotiator and all round top bloke, a shoo in for the player of the season award'.

11th Sep - Team Allocation Announced

So confident are we of our C and D teams both having successful campaigns, as we shortly embark upon our 8th season, we have announced the line-ups for each of our entrants in the C division. There is an excellent blend of experience and progressive talent associated with both the C and D teams. On paper the C team is slightly stronger but the D team cannot be underestimated and are expected to perform well when we get underway in October. The squads can be viewed under the gradings section.

9th Sep - President Trumps Meal

Last night a total of 19 people enjoyed a delightful buffet style curry at the Shirovi Indian Restaurant in Guisborough for the 7th annual club chess club dinner. Firstly, thanks to A team captain, Kegan Harrison, for arranging the event. It was an excellent evening enjoyed by all, including Gordon Middlemiss who is not a particular fan of spicy food. After the meal it was left to our Head of Recruitment Director in his capacity as Master of Ceremonies to conduct an Oscar style speech to announce the winner of the prestigious award for Player of the Season. Unfortunately 4 of the 5 nominees were missing that evening and it was left to the new club President, Andrew French, to open the envelope and announce the winner. Needless to say the prize went to our Head of Equipment Director for the 7th consecutive season. This was for his tireless work in singlehandedly setting up the tables, chairs, boards, pieces, clocks and allocating scoresheets for all 4 chess teams for every home match throughout the season. However, it was the inaugural speech from the newly appointed club President that had the crowd in stitches. His opening jokes delivered in the style of US President Trump will go down as classics in our chess club folklore. Everybody was laughing, even including his wife Irene who was as surprised as everyone at his impromptu delivery akin to a stand-up comedian, at the string of chess references to Grandmasters across the globe that were to be incorporated or associated with Great Ayton in some shape or form. It is safe to say that his maiden speech is unlikely to ever be topped by future holders of the post. An excellent evening that typifies why we are the best club to play for in the Cleveland league.

7th Sep - Straightforward, No Messing

Last night the following squad players comprising of me, Phil Semp, Richard Hall (on crutches and wearing a trendy pair of shorts), Mike Hardman, Gordon Dickinson, Connor Wilson, Gordon Middlemiss, Peter Archer, Mike Hardy, Andrew French, Stephen Gatenby, Alan Jefferson, Mike Pointon, Jim Rogers, Alan Reed and Kegan Harrison all turned up for the AGM. Needless to say it was a very straightforward meeting with no messing around as all the necessary business was handled with the usual aplomb. The club secretary stuck to the agenda and the meeting lasted around one hour. Obviously the star of the show was the club treasurer with his excellent report outlining all the financial transactions that he had conducted on behalf of the club throughout the season. There were no surprises with the club sticking to running a total of 4 teams in the same divisions as last season. All the captains were re-elected and a decision was taken to only enter two teams in the cup competitions operated by the respective A and B team captains. With our club finances in a healthy state it was decided that there would be no subscriptions collected for season #8, leaving the treasurer to pay the CCA registration fees out of club funds. The onus for each squad player to pay their own annual ECF (bronze) membership was placed upon the individual to comply before our season kicks off in October. After the meeting several players indulged in some friendly quick games over a pint, whilst special thanks must go to Gordon Dickinson who unpacked and programmed all the new digital clocks set for the new season. Finally, a meeting took place between the C and D captains to decide upon the composition of both teams, details of which will be announced at a later date. Another good evening at our chess club as we look forward to our annual club dinner tomorrow evening. Don't you just wish you were a member of this unique chess family?

5th Sep - The Agenda

The AGM will be held in the Concert Hall, 7.30 p.m.,Wednesday 6th September 2017.

1. Apologies

2. Election of Officers

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Subs and fees

5. Teams and captains for 2017-18

6. Any matters of concern from the CCA AGM

7. A.O.B

2nd Sep - Darlington Do It Again

Last season Darlington chess club showed great initiative by hosting a simultaneous display was Grandmaster Keith Arkell. Unfortunately I was unable to participate on account of having to attend a management committee meeting on the same evening. Needless to say they have managed to do it again. This time they are hosting a simultaneous display with Grandmaster Danny Gormally on the evening of Monday September 11th (see Carl Stephens for more information about playing in this event) and as usual I will be attending another management committee meeting at the same time. I hope that my absence does not prevent Darlington squad members turning up for the second rapidplay event held at the superb Tennants venue five days later in Leyburn. Please contact our A team captain, Kegan Harrison, for details on entering this excellent tournament.

1st Sep - The Digital Age

This is confirm that our chess club has finally gone digital. This is not a reference to fibre optic broadband arriving in our village at last but that we have acquired five state of the art digital chess clocks. Thanks to our Head of Equipment Director, who managed to convince the club treasurer to release the necessary funds, we will unveil the new clocks this Wednesday at the AGM. This marks another step forward in the progress of our chess club.

Click here for old news.


The club officials are:

PresidentAndrew French 
Vice PresidentPeter Ridsdale 
Hon. Life VP Peter Archer 
SecretaryPhil Semp 
TreasurerMartin McLoughlin 
Club Captain:Peter Archer 
Captain 'A' TeamKegan Harrison 
Captain 'B' TeamPeter Archer 
Captain 'C' TeamAlan Reed 
Captain 'D' TeamPhil Semp 
WebmasterMartin McLoughlin 
Junior Development Gordon Dickinson 
Club Statistician Martin McLoughlin 
Legal Officer Richard Hall 
Club Historian Martin McLoughlin 
European Club Scout Suresh Keswani 
Publicity Officer Martin McLoughlin 
Australasia Club Scout Martin Carter 
Chess Psychologist Martin McLoughlin 
Medical Officer Norman Cole 
Head of Equipment Martin McLoughlin 
LGBT Officer Phil Semp 
Editor In Chief Martin McLoughlin 
Chess TutorKegan Harrison 
Auditor Martin McLoughlin 
Club LibrarianMike Hardman 
Head of Recruitment Martin McLoughlin 
North America Club Scout Jim Rogers 
Head of Research Martin McLoughlin 
Club Poet Peter Archer 

Squad Gradings

The ECF gradings for club members eligible to play in the league this season are as follows:

  Great Ayton Gradings 
Nominated Player Lists  

A Team

1.Richard Hall 
2.Mike Hardman 
3.Andy Corbyn 
4.Martin McLoughlin 

B Team

1.Nick Hall 
2.Kegan Harrison 
3.Suresh Keswani 
4.Mike Pointon 

C Team Squad

1.Gordon Middlemiss 
2.Jim Rogers 
3.Alan Reed 
4.Gordon Dickinson 
5.Norman Cole 
6.Mike Hardy 

D Team Squad

1.Peter Archer 
2.Phil Semp 
3.Kevin Wilson 
4.Stephen Gatenby 
5.Alan Jefferson 
6.Howard Whitehead 
7.Andrew French 

Club Players' Statistics

This table shows the performance of each club player during current season #8

  Home   Away  
Peter Archer0000000000
Norman Cole0000000000
Andy Corbyn0000000000
Gordon Dickinson0000000000
Andrew French0000000000
Stephen Gatenby0000000000
Nick Hall0000000000
Richard Hall0000000000
Mike Hardman0000000000
Mike Hardy0000000000
Kegan Harrison0000000000
Alan Jefferson0000000000
Suresh Keswani0000000000
Martin McLoughlin0000000000
Gordon Middlemiss0000000000
Michael Pointon0000000000
Alan Reed0000000000
Jim Rogers0000000000
Phil Semp0000000000
Howard Whitehead0000000000
Kevin Wilson0000000000

The table below highlights the cumulative performance of every club member since the club commenced.
Latest update:27th May 2017

  Home   Away  
  NamePWDLPtsWDLPtsTotal_Value %_WhiteMaxBlackMax 
Peter Archer120172024271818232754(45)33½6420½56
Norman Cole364810829314½(40)17619
Andy Corbyn213636342511(52)156
Gordon Dickinson761018111911151118½37½(49)194218½34
Stephen Gatenby131041314(27)815
Nick Hall11320442059(82)4556
Richard Hall2472189231018(75)12½177
Mike Hardman107930162412251524½48½(45)20½452862
Mike Hardy304084531010½(35)10820
Kegan Harrison661471117½1213918½36(55)21321534
Alan Jefferson4631166218710½(23)25321
Suresh Keswani73147817½1971822½40½(55)24½431630
Martin McLoughlin1171724182919172227½54½(48)31½662551
Gordon Middlemiss60991013½116151427½(47)16321228
Mike Pointon9320422037(78)54
Alan Reed9013132419½19111024½44(49)20412449
Jim Rogers24714444613½(56)14610
Phil Semp61415711½719916½28(46)16½3411½27
Howard Whitehead141061133(25)4210
Kevin Wilson32431230103(26)16516
Ex-Squad Members
Mike Botterill (RIP)12422530138(66)2468
Martin Carter3100100201(33)1201
Tom Hall1000000100(0)0100
Dave McCabe3001000200(0)0201
James Morley82121021(44)126
Bob Porritt4103100001(25)1202
Ian Richardson (RIP)9712171920½1614192343½(45)22½452152
Joe Richardson (RIP)9014½1122(23)1712
Peter Ridsdale701391217½9171017½35(50)15312039
Carl Shuttleworth27447614739(33)513414
Graham Shuttleworth1000010011(100)1100
Phillip Whittingham7102120223(42)1225
Players in
red played season #1
purple seasons #1 to #3
orange played season #4
turquoise played #1-2-4
pink seasons #1 to #5
green seasons #1 to #6
salmon season #6
violet season #7
A team performances onlyPWDLPts%
Mike Pointon22002100
Nick Hall11001100
Richard Hall2416441875
Suresh Keswani562510213053
Andy Corbyn21610511½52
Kegan Harrison3913131319½50
Peter Ridsdale652024213249
Martin McLoughlin10531353948½46
Peter Archer692218293145
Mike Hardman10721553148½45
James Morley621341
Carl Shuttleworth265813934
Kevin Wilson3102133
Gordon Middlemiss821531
Ian Richardson1223729
Phil Semp4022125
Gordon Dickinson2011½25
Alan Jefferson5104120
Alan Reed400400
Tom Hall100100
Mike Hardy100100
Jim Rogers100100
Mike Botterill100100
Martin Carter100100
B team performances onlyPWDLPts%
Mike Hardy22002100
Howard Whitehead11001100
Graham Shuttleworth11001100
Martin McLoughlin12561866
Mike Pointon3120266
Kegan Harrison28147717½63
Mike Botterill5302360
Peter Ridsdale5221360
Suresh Keswani1675459
Jim Rogers1253454
Phil Semp41923920½50
Martin Carter2101150
James Morley2101150
Gordon Dickinson4412191321½49
Gordon Middlemiss34128141647
Alan Reed531716202547
Ian Richardson652020253046
Peter Archer491318182245
Phil Whittingham7304343
Norman Cole18387739
Joe Richardson912623
Alan Jefferson19211613
Kevin Wilson12111013
Dave McCabe300300
Carl Shuttleworth100100
C team performances onlyPWDLPts%
Suresh Keswani11001100
Mike Botterill6420583
Nick Hall10640880
Gordon Middlemiss1767456
Gordon Dickinson1447353
Jim Rogers11524654
Alan Jefferson8404450
Norman Cole12363650
Alan Reed229451150
Ian Richardson8323450
Phil Semp13265538
Mike Hardy25631630
Howard Whitehead6024117
Stephen Gatenby200200
Bob Porritt100100
D team performances onlyPWDLPts%
Mike Pointon4220375
Alan Reed1163268
Gordon Dickinson11542764
Ian Richardson12363650
Phil Semp303050
Stephen Gatenby1141641
Kevin Wilson175210635
Bob Porritt3102133
Howard Whitehead711521
Norman Cole5023120
Alan Jefferson152211320
Games defaulted 51
points gained 23½ and
points conceded 27½

The overall record of the teams after 7 seasons is as shown:

A team: Played = 115, Won = 37, Drawn = 21, Lost = 57, For = 273½, Against = 301½

B team: Played = 096, Won = 35, Drawn = 06, Lost = 55, For = 220½, Against = 259½

C team: Played = 040, Won = 15, Drawn = 07, Lost = 18, For = 075½, Against = 085½

D team: Played = 026, Won = 06, Drawn = 08, Lost = 12, For = 045, Against = 059

A Team Scores The number of matches played after 7 seasons = 115. The breakdown of match scores is as highlighted in the table below (Great Ayton scores shown first):
5-0 Whitewashed4½-½ Spanking4-1 Hammering3½-1½Thrashing3-2 Destroyed 2½-2½ Steady Draw2-3 Unlucky Loss1½-3½ Unfortunate1-4 Not At Races½-4½ Embarrassing0-5 An Off Day

B Team Scores The number of matches played after 7 seasons = 96. The breakdown of match scores is as highlighted in the table below (Great Ayton scores shown first):
5-0 Whitewashed4½-½ Spanking4-1 Hammering3½-1½Thrashing3-2 Destroyed 2½-2½ Steady Draw2-3 Unlucky Loss1½-3½ Unfortunate1-4 Not At Races½-4½ Embarrassing0-5 An Off Day

C Team Scores The number of matches played after 3 seasons = 40. The breakdown of match scores is as highlighted in the table below (Great Ayton scores shown first): (One 2½-2½ draw and one 0-5 in cup)
4-0 Slaughter3½-1½Drubbing3-1 Whopped 2½-1½ Easy2-2 Steady Draw1½-2½ Hard Luck1-3 Not Good½-3½ Tragic0-4 Shocking

D Team Scores The number of matches played after 2 seasons = 12. The breakdown of match scores is as highlighted in the table below (Great Ayton scores shown first):
4-0 Slaughter3½-1½Drubbing3-1 Whopped 2½-1½ Easy2-2 Steady Draw1½-2½ Hard Luck1-3 Not Good½-3½ Tragic0-4 Shocking

Team Fixtures

The following fixtures have been arranged for the current season: Dates marked in red indicate a re-arranged match date from original list.

A team  
B team 
C team 
D team 

Match Results

The match results are as follows:

Board  Ayton A   v   Boro Knights  Result  Date:24th May 2017(Final)   
1  M Hardman (179)   v   P Ridsdale (139)  ½-½   
2  A Corbyn (157)   v   R Stather (139)  1-0   
3  M McLoughlin (150)   v   D Appleyard (126)  1-0   
4  K Harrison (148)   v   M Gouda (110)  0-1   
5  M Pointon (107)   v   G Botwright (86)  1-0   
        3½-1½   (WIN)   

Glocky's Pieces

Welcome to this unique corner on the web featuring the views of our webmaster.

This picture shows a possible venue for future annual general meetings of the CCA:

Corner Cafe

Glocky's Progress

This section features the sequence of results of our most successful individual player to date, Martin McLoughlin, winner of the Major Section in the 51st Hull Chess Congress.
The colour code used indicates the board number as shown for the A team, pink board 1, red board 2, blue board 3, green board 4, orange board 5.
Similarly for the B team. purple board 1

Season ONE   0_1_0_0_1_1_0_1_0_½_1_½_0_½____(6½/14)   
Season TWO   ½_0_½_½_1_1_½_½_½_½_0_0_1_1____(7½/14)   
Season THREE   ½_½_1_½_0_1_1_0_½_0_0_0_1_0_½_½_0____(7/15)   
Season FOUR   0_½_½_1_1_0_½_½_0_0_0_½_1____(5/13)   
Season FIVE   ½_1_1_1_½_½_1_0_½_0_½_0_1_1_0_½_½_½_½_½_½_0_0_1_0____(12½/25)   
Season SIX   1_0_0_0_0_½_½_1_1_1_0_0_½_½_0____(6/15)   
Season SEVEN   1_½_1_0_0_½_1_1_1_1_½_1_0_½_1_½_0_0_1____(11½/19)   

Archive Results

Click here for season #7.

Click here for season #6.

Click here for season #5.

Click here for season #4.

Click here for season #3.

Click here for season #2.

Click here for season #1.


The chess club was formed from the remnants of Stokesley Chess Club.They used to play upstairs in a dimly lit function room of the Queens Head pub in Stokesley. However, rumours of the possibility of having to pay a room rental in order to play matches coupled with there being no guarantee that they could complete a whole season in the same venue prompted the change. In his capacity as club treasurer at Great Ayton Working Men's Club, Martin McLoughlin persuaded the Committee to allow use of the Committee Room free of charge.
Subsequently the players decided to pick up their chess sets and change their club premises and hence their club name. Thus, Great Ayton Chess Club was founded at the end of September 2010.
Overall in the first season there was mixed fortunes for the two teams as the 'A' team managed to avoid relegation by a single point but the Knights were comprehensively relegated from the B division. Here are a series of firsts....
The first team kicked off their inaugural campaign on October 6th in their excellent new premises with a 5-0 drubbing by the league champions Peterlee.
The first player to lose was Peter Ridsdale who ironically went on to become the season's best performer in terms of points won. He played 16 matches and notched up 10½ points.
The first player to record a half point draw was Ian Richardson for the Knights in their defeat against Hartlepool.
The first player to actually win a game was also Ian Richardson in the 'A' team's debut away win against Middlesbrough Rooks.
The first player to win a game on home soil was Martin McLoughlin in the 'A' team's first drawn match against Thornaby Griffin.
The first (and only) victory in the inaugural season for the Knights was away against Redcar B.
The first player to win a game for the Knights was Alan Reed away at Whitby.
The first time the Knights were relegated was at the end of the first season.
The first season concluded with the chess club hosting the AGM for the Cleveland Chess Association, held in the Concert Room on Tuesday 5th July 2011. A total of 27 members attended the event (17% of the registered membership - but still managed to eat all of the free buffet!!).
The first end of season chess dinner took place at the Y'Thai restaurant in Stokesley. Five players and their spouses had an enjoyable meal where the topic of chess was hardly mentioned. The conversation centred round what on earth had possessed Samantha to marry Martin McLoughlin as he sat there with his forehead dripping in sweat from a very hot curry!
The first club AGM took place on September 7th 2011. It comprised of Phil Semp as acting chairman. It appointed Martin McLoughlin as treasurer and also featured Peter Ridsdale, Ian Richardson, Alan Reed and Gordon Dickinson.
The first release of the website was launched on October 3rd 2011 just in time for the start of our second season. Many thanks to computer wizard Dave Hendry for helping Martin McLoughlin to set up the site.
The first ever appearance in a cup final was at the end of season #3 where a team comprising of Mike Hardman, Martin McLoughlin, Peter Ridsdale, Suresh Keswani and Peter Archer (capt) lost 3-2 against Middlesbrough Rooks in the Tom Wise Knockout Cup on 27th May 2013 at Middlesbrough Rugby Football and Cricket Club, Acklam.
The first time the A team was relegated was at the end of season #3 but re-instated before the start of season #4.
The Knights were christened the B team in conjunction with the creation of the C team at the start of season #5.
The C team played out a 2-2 draw in their first ever encounter away against Middlesbrough Bishops at the start of season #5.
The first player to win a game for the C team was Alan Reed against Middlesbrough Bishops
The first player to represent all A, B and C teams was Ian Richardson.
The first C team player to win a game at our home venue was Alan Jefferson in their 3-1 defeat by Darlington E.
The first ever trophy win was the Jeremy Burnett Plate which the A team achieved on May 19th 2015 against Thornaby A at the Thornaby Pavillon. The winning team (that drew the match but won on the 3 blacks rule) comprised of Mike Hardman, Martin McLoughlin, Kegan Harrison, Peter Ridsdale and captain Peter Archer.
The D team came into existence at the start of season #6 with an away match 2½-1½ victory against Darlington E.
The first player to record a win for the D team was Gordon Dickinson against C Lishman of Darlington E.
The first ever encounter between two Great Ayton teams took place on 25th November 2015 an saw the D team draw against the C team. The first player to inflict a defeat on a fellow squad member was Mike Botterill with his victory over Kevin Wilson.
The first ever former Great Ayton player to defeat a Great Ayton B team player was Peter Ridsdale on 30th November 2015 with his win over Ian Richardson that saw Boro Knights thrash us 5-0.
The first ever former Great Ayton player to defeat a Great Ayton A team player was Peter Ridsdale on 6th January 2016 with his win over Peter Archer that saw Boro Rooks triumph by 3-2 against our A team.
The first ever encounter between the A and B teams occurred on 24th February 2016 in the semi-final of the Jeremy Burnett Plate. The A team ran out comfortable 4½-½ winners in the end after a sterling performance from the B team.
The first ever player to play on board 1, board 2, board 3, board 4 and board 5 in a season was Martin McLoughlin who completed this unique feat in season #6 by playing in the A team.
The first player to reach the milestone of 100 appearances for the chess club was Martin McLoughlin who achieved the historic feat on 19th October 2016 having contributed 46½ points. This comprised of playing 88 times for the A team and a dozen times on top board for the B team.
The first player to accumulate a half century of points was Martin McLoughlin who recorded this superb contribution on January 10th 2017.
The first player to play 100 games for the A team was Mike Hardman who reached the milestone on 1st Feb 2017 amassing a total of 46½ points.
The first time the A team won a trophy outright was in season #7 on May 24th 2017 when they defeated Boro Knights 3½-1½ at our venue winning the Jeremy Burnett Plate with a team comprising of Mike Hardman, Andy Corbyn, Martin McLoughlin, captain Kegan Harrison and Mike Pointon.

Outstanding Individual Performances

There have been several outstanding individual performances by squad members throughout the Club's history.
The first player to win joint first place in a Minor (under 135) was Peter Ridsdale who was graded 133 when scoring 4/5 at the 48th Northumbria Chess Congress in September 2012.
The first player to win joint first place in a Major (under 166) was Martin McLoughlin who was graded 148 when scoring 4/5 at the 51st Hull Chess Congress in October 2014.
The first player to be selected to represent England (Seniors) at international level was Richard Hall who played for England in a competition over in Vienna in July 2015.

Club Honours

The following lists the achievements of our chess club by each season.

Season #1. Nothing Season #2. Nothing Season #3. Cup final runners-up: Lost 3-2 to Middlesbrough Rooks. Season #4. Cup final runners-up: Lost 3½-1½ to Darlington A. Season #5. Plate final winners: Drew 2½-2½ with Thornaby A (won on 3 blacks rule) Prize: Jeremy Burnett Plate Season #6. Plate final runners-up: Lost 3½-1½ to Middlesbrough Rooks. Season #7. Plate final winners: Won 3½-1½ against Middlesbrough Knights. Prize: Jeremy Burnett Plate

Each season the top five performing players, based on their individual points scored throughout the season, are listed in the prestigious Team Of The Season. In the event of a tie the player who regularly plays on a higher board comes first.

Team Of The Season.
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
1. Jim Rogers - 13½ points 1. Gordon Middlemiss - 13 points1. Martin McLoughlin - 12½ points1. Peter Archer - 8½ points1. Peter Ridsdale - 8 points1. Ian Richardson - 8½ points1. Peter Ridsdale - 10½ points
2. Kegan Harrison - 12½2. Ian Richardson - 122. Kegan Harrison - 12½ 2. Peter Ridsdale - 6½2. Mike Hardman - 72. Martin McLoughlin - 7½2. Mike Hardman - 7½
3. Martin McLoughlin - 11½3. Suresh Keswani - 11½3. Alan Reed - 11½ 3. Mike Hardman - 63. Martin McLoughlin - 73. Gordon Dickinson - 73. Suresh Keswani - 7
4. Nick Hall - 94. Kegan Harrison - 114. Peter Archer - 10½4. Martin McLoughlin - 5½4. Peter Archer - 74. Mike Hardman - 64. Martin McLoughlin - 6½
5. Peter Archer - 85. Peter Archer - 115. Ian Richardson - 9½5. Phil Semp - 5½5. Ian Richardson - 65. Peter Archer - 65. Ian Richardson - 4½

Club Presidents

The following players have been honoured as Club President:

Season #1, Joe Richardson
Season #2, Alan Jefferson
Season #3, Dave Richardson (Teesside Hungarians) - admin error
Season #4, Carl Shuttleworth
Season #5, Norman Cole
Season #6, Peter Ridsdale
Season #7, Martin Carter
Season #8, Andrew French

Team Captains

The following players have been team captains

A team, Peter Archer Seasons #1-5, Kegan Harrison Season #6-8,
B Team, Phil Semp Seasons #1-5, Peter Archer Season #6-8,
C Team, Alan Reed Season #5, Phil Semp Season #6, Alan Reed Season #7-8
D Team, Alan Reed Season #6, Phil Semp Season #7-8

Player's Debut

The following shows when each squad player wore the team shirt for the first time

01. Mike Hardman v C Walton (A team at home v Peterlee) 6/10/2010 - Loss
02. Carl Shuttleworth v J Simpson (A team at home v Peterlee) 6/10/2010 - Loss
03. Martin McLoughlin v D Armbruster (A team at home v Peterlee) 6/10/2010 - Loss
04. Peter Ridsdale v S Carter (A team at home v Peterlee) 6/10/2010 - Loss
05. Peter Archer v C Smith (A team at home v Petelee) 6/10/2010 - Loss
06. Ian Richardson v K Smith (B team away v Hartlepool) 13/10/2010 - Draw
07. Joe Richardson v B Price (B team away v Hartlepool) 13/10/2010 - Draw
08. Phil Whittingham v B Wilson (B team away v Hartlepool) 13/10/2010 - Loss
09. Alan Reed v D Smith (B team away v Hartlepool) 13/10/2010 - Loss
10. Alan Jefferson v E Glass (B team away v Hartlepool) 13/10/2010 - Loss
11. Suresh Keswani v J Heeley (A team at home v Thornaby Griffin) 3/11/2010 - Loss
12. Phil Semp v A Lau (B team at home v Redcar A) 10/11/2010 - Loss
13. Gordon Dickinson v B Robinson (B team at home v Redcar A) 10/11/2010 - Draw
14. James Morley v M Evans (B team at home v Darlington B) 15/12/2010 - Loss
15. Graham Shuttleworth v J Suscens (B team away v Redcar B) 2/2/2011 - Win
16. Kevin Wilson v M Kirkpatrick (B team away v Middlesbrough Bishops) 17/11/2011 - Loss
17. Norman Cole v G Botwright (B team away v Teesside Hungarians) 3/10/2012 - Draw
18. Dave McCabe v A Fell (B team at home v Darlington C) 16/10/2013 - Loss
19. Richard Hall v A Corbyn (A team at home v Guisborough A) 6/11/2013 - Loss
20. Kegan Harrison v B Myers (A team away v Redcar A) 15/10/2014 - Win
21. Gordon Middlemiss v R Donner (B team away v Darlington C) 22/10/2014 - Draw
22. Mike Hardy v R Kuby (C team away v Middlesbrough Bishops) 27/10/2014 - Loss
23. Andy Corbyn v S MacCormack (A team at home v Westgarth),14/10/2015 - Win
24. Mike Botterill v S Hewapathiran (C team at home v Middlesbrough Bishops) 14/10/2015 - Win
25. Martin Carter v D Dixon (B team away v Darlington C) 21/10/2015 - Loss
26. Howard Whitehead v C Lishman (C team away v Darlington E) 9/11/2015 - Loss
27. Mike Pointon v G Botwright (B team at home v Middlesbrough Knights) 12/10/2016 - Win
28. Nick Hall v A Fell (C team away v Darlington D) 31/10/2016 - Win
29. Stephen Gatenby v N Tadd (D team at home v Thornaby B) 2/11/2016 - Loss
30. Jim Rogers v M McLoughlin (Snr) (C team at home v Redcar C) 7/11/2016 - Win
31. Bob Porritt v H Wilson (D team at home v Darlington D) 21/12/2016 - Loss
32. Tom Hall v M Hardy (A team away v B team in Plate) 1/2/2017 - Loss

Annual Dinner Venues

The following restaurants have hosted the chess club dinner (number of attendees in brackets)

Season #1, Y'Thai, Stokesley (10)
Season #2, Bay Horse, Great Broughton (13)
Season #3, Blackwell Ox, Carlton-in-Cleveland (14)
Season #4, Whinstone View, Great Ayton (13)
Season #5, Treebridge, Nunthorpe Village (19)
Season #6, Royal Oak, Great Ayton (28)
Season #7, Shirovi Indian, Guisborough (19)

Best Games


This section features the best games of Carl Shuttleworth that he played during the first season. Unfortunately Carl did not manage to win a single match so there are no games to display.


This season we decided to highlight the best games of our new signing Kevin Wilson. His sole victory was against a young boy, S Hewapathiran of Middlesbrough Bishops. Unfortunately Kevin has mislaid his scoresheet so we are unable to display his memorable win.


It has been a longstanding tradition that whenever the club appoints a new club President the best game by the new incumbent is featured in this section. Allen Jefferson was installed in this prestigious post in the summer of 2012 when last seen propping up the bar in the White Swan in Stokesley. Unfortunately there is no best game to display as not only did our new President win a match he never even played a single game throughout the entire season. In fact he did not make a single appearance to our chess club as he preferred to work off shore near Nigeria instead. Subsequently, it was decided to draw a name out of the hat and display the best game of the lucky recipient. Kevin Wilson was the lucky player chosen but unfortunately Kevin never managed to win a single game out of his four losing appearances.


In an attempt not to be bereft of displaying an actual game the judging panel comprising of the club treasurer and webmaster decided not to conform to the longstanding tradition of featuring the games of a new club President. It decided to bypass the new incumbent, Carl Shuttleworth, as the panel were aware that he never made a single appearance during the season. Instead the agreement was to encourage new talent to shine and feature the best game of any new club player. In this case Dave McCabe was selected as the only new blood to join the squad but unfortunately he failed to win a single point. To add insult to injury he decided to quit playing for the club mid-season. In a hastily convened committee meeting the judging panel unanimously agreed the former club President be given the opportunity to feature his best game. We regret to announce that despite featuring in six matches Alan Jefferson never managed to win a game and so there are no matches to display.


In light of previous efforts that resulted in no best game being shown the judging panel was trebled in size in a valiant attempt to display the best game by one of our players throughout the campaign. It was increased to comprise of the club historian, club statistician, publicity officer, Head of Equipment director as well as the original members of club treasurer and webmaster. In an extraordinary committee meeting they spent hours pouring over the plethora of options available to them. It was a very heated debate that eventually ended with the treasurer using his casting vote to insist that the constitutional ruling regarding the longstanding tradition of featuring the games of the new club president was to be adhered too. In this case the best game of club president, Norman Cole, played during the season #5 campaign was to be displayed. It is with bitter regret that the judging committee has to announce that there is no game to be shown as poor Norman never won a single game during his tenure as club president. In the aftermath the club historian and Head of Equipment director have stood down from the judging panel.


With the judging panel in disarray following the defection of several members an early decision was made at the start of season #6 that would be adhered too regardless. It was that the best game would be selected from our new overseas star, Martin Carter from New Zealand. I believe that we are the only team in the league that features a player from another continent and so it was with special interest that we followed his progress in his first season with our squad. Fortunately out of the 3 games he played for us he did manage a single victory against Alan Stockley. Unfortunately Martin is now travelling in a camper van around Australia and we are unable to contact him. Consequently we regret that without his scoresheet we are unable to display this fine victory.


Angered by the complete ineptness of the judging panel to ever come up with displaying the best game of a squad player throughout the season the Head of Recruitment Director scrapped the panel and requested that Head of Research Director take matters in hand. Consequently the Head of Research Director appointed the chess club psychologist to undertake the selection process with a specific remit of concentrating on the home form of a sub-group of players that have served the club so well since the club was formed in 2010. Alarmed at the fact that the Head of Research Director had left matters to the club psychologist he was overheard in a heated discussion to have said 'what are you doing leaving it to that useless git?' However, he was reassured that the select contingent of Phil Semp, Mike Hardman, Gordon Dickinson and club legend Alan Jefferson would not disappoint and, furthermore, it was about time that the club psychologist actually did something useful. Imagine the horror that ensued when it was discovered that for some inexplicable reason the club secretary and LGBT officer, Phil Semp, failed to win a single game all season. Undeterred the games of the second name upon the list, Mike Hardman, were reviewed and panic started to set in as all Mike's home games either turned out to be draws or defeats. The next name on the list, Gordon Dickinson, also revealed that he had been unable to win a match on home soil and suddenly everything hinged on the club legend, Alan Jefferson, to deliver the goods. Needless to say Alan never won a home game although he insisted that he was actually in the building when he won his game against newcomer Bob Porritt in the cup fixture between our A and C teams. Unfortunately this did not count within the remit issued by the Head of Research Director as technically Alan was playing for the away team. In a last gasp attempt attention was switched to the former ruling of featuring the best game of a new signing. Fortunately Bob had won a game in the clash between our C and D teams by recording a remarkable victory over Mike Hardy. It is with bitter regret that Bob threw away his scoresheet and Mike refused to hand his copy over, as a consequence we are unable to display the best game. Subsequently the club psychologist has gone on the sick with depression.

The Opposition

This section lists the clubs that feature in the Cleveland League.
The tables associated with each club indicate how our teams have fared on our travels. Results shown in blue are the A team league matches. Results shown in purple are the A team cup matches. Results shown in red are the B team league matches. Results shown in turquoise are the B team cup matches. Results shown in orange are the C team league matches. Results shown in pink are the D team league matches.

Billingham Synthonia

Address: Billingham Synthonia Club, Belasis Avenue, Billingham.
Distance from our club: 15 miles Journey time 25 minutes

Club night is WEDNESDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS23 1BG

Billingham gradings
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
2½-1½ win,draw5-0 win 5-0 win5-0 win4-1 win3-2 win4-1 winno games


Address: Cockerton Band and Musical Institute Club, Woodlands Road, Cockerton, Darlington
Distance from our club: 25 miles Journey time 40 minutes

Club night is MONDAY for teams A,D and E and WEDNESDAY for teams B and C

Click on postcode to view map DL3 9AB

Darlington gradings
Against Darlington A
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
4-1 loss 3-2 loss ,draw4-1 loss3-2 win3½-1½ loss,3½-1½ loss4-1 lossdraw3-2 loss

Against Darlington B
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
4-1 loss3½-1½ loss4-1 win3-2 loss3-2 lossno games4-1 loss

Against Darlington C
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3½-1½ loss3½-1½ loss3½-1½ win3-2 lossno gamesno gamesno games

Against Darlington D
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
2½-1½ loss 3-1 win3½-½ lossdraw no gamesno gamesno gamesno gamesno games

Against Darlington E
Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3-1 loss ,2½-1½ win3-1 lossno gamesno gamesno gamesno games


Address: Athenaeum Club, Church Street, Hartlepool
Distance from our club: 23 miles Journey time 34 minutes

Club night is MONDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS24 7DH

Hartlepool gradings
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3-2 win 3-2 loss3½-1½ win3-2 lossno gamesno games4-1 loss4-1 loss


Address: Middlesbrough Conservative Club, 21 Orchard Road, Linthorpe
Distance from our club: 8 miles Journey time 15 minutes

Club night is MONDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS5 5PN

Middlesbrough gradings

Against Boro Rooks
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
4½-½ loss,3-2 windraw3½-1½ loss5-0 loss4½-½ loss,3-2 loss3-2 loss3½-1½ win

Against Boro Knights
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3½-1½ loss5-0 loss4½-½ win,3½-1½ loss4-1 lossdraw,3-2 loss3-2 loss4-1 loss

Against Boro Bishops
Season #7 Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3-2 win3-1 loss3½-½ lossdrawno gamesno games3-2 lossno games

Against Boro Wasps
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
2½-1½ loss 4-0 lossno gamesno gamesno gamesno gamesno gamesno games


Address: The Literary Institute, Lord Street, Redcar
Distance from our club: 14 miles Journey time 25 minutes

Club night is WEDNESDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS10 3EN

Redcar gradings

Against Redcar A
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3½-1½ loss4½-½ loss3-2 loss4-1 loss3-2 loss3½-1½ win5-0 loss

Against Redcar B
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
draw3½-1½ win3½-1½ loss4½-½ win,3-2 lossno gamesno games4½-½ win,4½-½ win

Against Redcar C
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
2½-1½ loss2½-1½ loss4-0 win3½-½ winno gamesno gamesno gamesno games

The Buffs

Address: Buffs Social Club, 60 Norton Road, Stockton, TS18 2BX
Distance from our club: 13 miles Journey time 25 minutes

Club night is THURSDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS18 2BX

Stockton gradings

Against Stockton A
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
4½-½ win3½-1½ win3-2 win, drawdraw3-2 loss3½-1½ loss,drawdraw

Against Stockton B
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3-1 loss 2½-1½ loss4-1 windraw4-1 win3½-1½ win3½-1½ lossno games

Against Stockton C
Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
no games3-1 winno gamesno games4-1 winno games


Address: Wrightson House, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 9EW
Distance from our club: 10 miles Journey time 17 minutes

Club night is TUESDAY

Click on postcode to view map TS17 9EW

Thornaby gradings

Against Thornaby A
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3-2 loss5-0 lossdraw4½-½ loss3-2 win,4½-½ loss3½-1½ lossno games4-1 win

Against Thornaby B
Season #7Season #6Season #5Season #4Season #3Season #2Season #1
3½-1½ win2½-1½ loss 3-1 win2½-1½ lossno gamesno gamesno gamesno games


In order to join Great Ayton Chess Club you must become a member of Great Ayton Workingmen's Club (GAWMC). The GAWMC Committee have deemed that the chess club can use the premises free of charge providing each chess player becomes a member of the Workingmen's club. The cost is £10 per year (subscriptions to be renewed every January) or £3 if you are classified as a pensioner. There is a one-off £3 joining fee for the red pass book that allows entry into the club. This GAWMC subscription fee is soon recouped by taking advantage of the cheap beer prices and benefit of the other entertainment on offer, such as playing bingo or watching live bands.
Thanks to the GAWMC we not only get use of the Concert Room for free to host our matches we get a £60 donation in order to pay for 4 teams to be entered in the Cleveland Chess League. The registration fees are £3 for each player for the season. At the start of season #8 when the annual donation came into force we had 21 players registered. Thus, an additional £3 was to be paid out of existing club funds.
Finally, the ECF requires that each player must be registered with the national organisation. The minimum form of membership is classified as a bronze member. Payment via the internet costs £15 or £16 via the telephone. Silver membership costs £22.50 and is suitable for those players wishing to regularly participate in weekend congresses. Gold membership of £33 is for players residing overseas (e.g Suresh Keswani) or playing at international level representing England (e.g Richard Hall). It is the responsibility of each individual squad player to pay their own level of membership prior to the start of our chess season in October.


Here are some exciting chess photographs!!!!

Click on each thumbnail image in turn to display the respective full-sized photograph:

These young fans are enthusiastic chess players and are welcome to join our chess club without having to pay the annual subscription.

Captain's Log

This section features the divine wisdom of our captain.

Captain's log for season #8

Click here for season #7 Captain's Log Reports.

Click here for season #6 Captain's Log Reports.

Click here for season #5 Captain's Log Reports.

Click here for season #4 Captain's Log Reports.

Click here for season #3 Captain's Log Reports.

Click here for season #2 Captain's Log Reports.

Log not available for season #1.

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